Kassian Savoy
Fantasy Writer - Occasional Art

Dead Legacy

My primary work containing my blood, sweat, and tears. Expect magic, fighting, fighting with magic, fighting with fists, terrible jokes, and tragedy.

This work has approximately 40 chapters.
All non-gimmick chapters of the ß edition are on Penana, Booksie, and Royal Road (center links below).
A few chapters of the Γ edition are also available for free through my Ko-fi shop (right most link below).

Synopsis Ver. 4

A family has been held together by threads, unable to find resolution in their lives thanks to their past. Devin has come to realize, for her, time will never heal the wounds.

She has to move forward. The world is full of supposed wonder and magic. There has to be something in it that will help her and her kin finally come to terms with what happened: an explanation, a fix, or revenge. Or maybe they could find her.

It doesn’t matter. They’ll face the dangers of the mundane, mythic, and supernatural in their desperation. But she questions if a person can ever really let go or if this is only a futile effort to restore what they've lost.

Their Dead Legacy.

Content Warnings: This story features profanity, attempts depictions of alcoholism, mental illness, and other dark themes. One or two moments may be considered gore.

Heroes Are Useless: I'll Kill the Demon King Myself!

HAU is a side project that's for fun and not updated consistently. Expect ill-explained fantasy things and stupid bits.

This work is a WIP that will likely be 5 chapters.
Updates are posted for free in my Ko-fi shop (right most link below).


A classic Demon King centered adventure comedy, but without a male self-insert.

Content Warnings: An Overkill of Profanity.


A fun side project that occurs in the same world as HAU, but is self-contained.

This work is a completed short story.
It is available for free on Penana, Booksie, and Royal Road (center links below).


A sapphic pirate short story with non-human leads.

Content Warnings: Mild sexual content and profanity.